Alarmist - Popular Demain (Vinyl)

Alarmist - Popular Demain (Vinyl)

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Recorded in the Meadow studio at the edge of Ireland's Wicklow Mountains, Alarmist's debut LP 'Popular Demain' is an almost orchestral expanse of colour and meandering lines, tightly wrought around a rhythmic core of double drums and guitars. 

A natural evolution from the sound established in their previous EPs, the album carries on the genre-defying fusion of influences that has gained the band a growing international following. 

Primitive Korgs, Casios and tape-degraded voice samples find themselves densely packed with an organic mass of winds, percussion and prepared piano, forming a soundworld that somehow finds common ground for jazz-infused math-rock, warped experimental pop melodies and brutalist slabs of pulsing electronics.


1. Petrichor 
2. Safarisogood 
3. Morning, Kepler 
4. Boston Space 
5. Lost Console 
6. CGI Sky
7. Popular Demain
8. Cordillera